Our Professional Services

Professional Sign Design, Landlord Approval, & Permitting

We provide industry-leading service from stage one. Design is the most important aspect of your sign project. We study city codes AND landlord criteria to optimize the permitting process!

Sign Refurbishment

We offer a very valuable service that is generally ignored by our trade. We will take nearly any sign and replace all acrylic faces and lighting components with new faces and LEDs at a cost usually around HALF THAT of a New Sign. We'll also change out nearly any neon sign to LED at your request! 

Parking Lot & Exterior Lighting Repair/Replacement

We are now fully equipped to diagnose and repair your business' external lighting. We even do 400 Watt and 1000 Watt Parking Lot Lights at Highly Competitive Prices!!

Neon: Diagnosis & Repair

Neon can be very difficult to maintain, and especially dangerous for companies with little to no experience with it. Leo has 42 Years experience working with neon and we guarantee our repairs for up to 2 years!

Professional Installation, Removal, and Relocation

We offer very competitive rates for sign installations, even if we didn't build it! We also offer low cost sign removal and relocation! Call us today, we can complete most stand alone installations, removals, and relocation in a matter of days from estimate!!

Sign Repair, Big or small, We do it ALL

No matter how big or tall, we are fully equipped to diagnose and repair signs of any size. Whether it's neon, LED, or florescent lamps, we have the knowledge and equipment to get up in the air and finish the job!

Our Top-Quality Commercial Signage Products

LED Channel Letters

Aluminum Letters with 3-5" depth, Plexiglas Faces, and 12v LED illumination shown on the face.

Open Channel Neon Signs

Welded Channel Letters with Custom-bent neon glass tubes. Powered by High-Voltage neon transformer(s)

Illuminated Sign Cabinets

Usually built out of aluminum and fitted with a Plexiglas, slide-in face with vinyl graphics. These are usually illuminated with H.O. florescent lamps or LED Modules.

Monuments & Pylon Signs

We Build and install signs of all sizes to meet any number of tenant's needs.

Reverse Channel Letters

Premium Channel Letter Option, Welded aluminum letters with aluminum face. Letters equipped with LED Modules aimed to cast light on the wall. Many High-End Shopping Centers & Malls Require this type of sign.

Dual-Lit Channel Letters

Designed for Maximum Visibility! These letters have both face and halo illumination, and these can even vary in color! We have had enormous success utilizing this modern sign concept!